M/s Akme Star Housing Finance limited originally “Akme Buildhome Private Ltd was incorporated on March 17th 2005 with an objective to:-
a.) Manage, Administer and to carry on the business of providing housing loans, funds for the construction of houses, loan against home properties and to carry out housing finance activities in the country and other related services.
b.) Further to extend home loan finance to weaker section and to finance group housing societies and NGOs engaged in the welfare of the weaker section.
With the above objectives Company had applied for the license from National Housing Bank where the license no. 08.0076.09 was granted to the company on August, 31st 2009. The name of the company was then changed to ‘Akme Star Housing Finance Private limited�?and later on it was amended to “AKME STAR HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED�?on November 13th 2009 and license no. 12.0080.09 was reissued on Dec 24th 2009.
Akme Star Housing Finance Limited is a part of AKME Group which is involved in wide varieties of business activities that includes:-
1. Non Banking Financial Services
2. Micro finance Activities.
3. Housing Finance (Duly registered with NHB)
4. Real Estate Construction activities
5. Automobile dealership
Main Business concerns of the AKME Group are as under
1. AKME Fintrade (India) Limited
2. AKME Fincon Private Limited
3. AKME Automobiles Private Limited
4. AKME Build Estate Private Limited
5. AKME Property & Builders