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Vision and Mission



To be known as the organization where personal attention will never become obsolete. We want to employ people who are extremely satisfied and go the extra mile for clients. We want a culture of growth, profitability and enthusiasm throughout the company.


To let the people feel the warmth of their “own house” by delivering quality financial product both in appearance and content.


Seeking Excellence

We strive for perfection and excellence in all that we do and it is this motto that has led to the sustained growth of ASHFL, regardless of upheavals in the economic environment. The sincerest efforts of every member of the AKME family to uphold these values shows in the treatment of customers and employees, while dealing with investors and clients and above all, in the supportive and inspiring environment we work in.

Accountability & Ownership

Accountability is all about answerability; the willingness to accept a task and be responsible for completing it to the best of one’s abilities. Ownership, on the other hand, requires not only taking onus of the task at hand, but responsibility for the outcome of it, whatever that may be. While workloads and responsibilities are often shared at ASHFL, each person feels completely accountable for the job they do. Employee diligence and dedication form the very foundation on which happy, successful companies are built.

Teamwork & collaboration

The ASHFL way is to ‘do it better together!’ We believe in the collaborative approach; each person finds their niche in the company and the best manner in which to serve its needs, rather than chasing individual gains. Teamwork brings out the best in people and at ASHFL, we feel that positive, constructive and efficient collaboration can ensure success.


Strength and stability, both moral and financial, are the backbone of ASHFL. Integrity is at the apex of our business and we hold ourselves to the highest financial, intellectual and ethical standards no matter what.

Nurturing Lives

As a company, ASHFL aims to create value for all the people associated with it, through its various endeavours and actions. Be our customer, vendor or people we work with, ASHFL endeavours to make an impact and difference to all those we interact with.