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A penny saved is a penny earned. Now you can have more money at your disposal to spend the way you like. Looking for a better rate of interest Or superior service Or an additional loan to meet your urgent needs. Switch your loan to us for the best home loan experience. Reduce the burden of your existing loans by transferring them to Akme and avail the benefit of lower EMIs with our Balance Transfer product. Our relationship managers will provide you a seamless experience that will make you go wow.

Features of Akme Balance Transfer Loan

  1. You can transfer your home loans availed from other institutions to Akme and get a benefit of additional top up loan
  2. Attractive interest rates
  3. Tenure of up to 15 years
  4. Eligibility:
    • Minimum 21 years at the commencement of the Loan
    • Upto 70 years of age at Loan Maturity
    • Borrower should have a Bank Account
    • Maximum eligible amount is dependent on applicant’s income and repaying capacity and cost of the proposed property/project, etc.
  5. Repayment option: EMI can be paid through Electronic Clearing Services (ECS) and National Automated Clearing House (NACH).
  6. We are a perfect partner for your preferred property, which may be:
    • Nagar Palika Patta
    • Society Patta
    • SDM Patta
    • Tehsildar Patta.
    • Gram Panchayat Patta

Integrated branch/Sales network that facilitates loan servicing at a branch convenient to you.


Purpose Documents
Identity, age and address proof

1. Valid Passport
2. Voter ID Card
3. Aadhaar Card
4. PAN card
5. Valid Driving License

For the complete list of acceptable KYC documents, please contact nearest Akme branch/sales team
Income Proof

1. Salary Slips/ Bank Statements/ Form-16
2. Salary certificate (cash salaried cases)
1. IT Returns and/ or Financial Statements of last 3 years
And/ Or
2. Informal Income Documents

Other Documents

1. Application form with photograph duly signed
2. Processing fee cheque
3. Proof of business existence
4. Last 6 months bank statements

Property related documents

1. A letter on the letter head of the existing lender stating the list of property documents held by them
2. Latest outstanding balance letter from existing financial institution on their letter head
3. Photocopy of the property documents